Friday, February 12, 2010

I am not forgetting you honey...

...nope, not ever. That's just not the way I work. It seems it might take a little longer than I hoped to make a dent in the first couple of problems I am facing and probably I am needing to learn how to manage that - but I've not forgotten and just wanted you to know you are in my prayers.

And yes, about my posting below about the big news -- I am going to try to go and get her. But I am by no no no means whatsoever even nearly physically or financially ready -- but this child already has my heart. That said, if ANYONE OF YOU out there who read this can move faster than I can to get her, PLEASE DO SO, I just want her home and with her family, thats what is most important - this isn't about me, its all about her. Thanks for reading and pray for Mara if you pray, pass word of her along? I can sit and write pages about her beautiful smile -- and yes I really think she is beautiful... how can I not? Hers is a face so beautiful to me that I would be willing to travel halfway around the world for.

Take care everyone.

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