Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thinking... is encouraging to see the same thoughts on this matter, before we even know we are having them. I faithfully believe in God -- through my own hardships -- how can I not? How can I think for a second that he isn't there? I guess its the opposite question that some others ask: how can I believe he's there?

My friends, it is easy -- first you have to believe if you ever want to see, and despite it all, no matter how crazy the situation facing you may sound -- you will not stand for anything to shake that belief.

I find it encouraging that a family in love with this little girl and I have both used the same graphics, the same notions and ideas --- before we ever even knew about each other or met. This beautiful flower Mara has been planted and grown for a reason. God knows where her home is and I have faith in that. We are still waiting to find out.

Take care,

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