Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blogging for Mara


Its me, Debrah in Arizona from, for a while now I've been searching for a home for a little girl in an overseas orphanage named Mara. You see, Mara is ten years old, she loves dolls and has beautiful brown hair and expressive brown eyes just like any little girl. Mara also has Aperts Syndrome, which is a gift I think, to show people true beauty and love. I cannot adopt her myself, but I can tell the world about her - and plan to do just that. And so, without further adieu, introducing little miss Mara:

...Mara will be ten soon which is the age her country requires orphans to be transferred to institutions that may be like this one. This situation seems similar in many Eastern European countries as well. In these institutions they live in unlivable conditions for the rest of their lives, which is more often than not quite short due to little food and medicine and often unsanitary conditions. They are warehoused into cribs or beds, stop growing and their bones become bent, stiff and frail. Fortunately arrangements have been made to spare Mara this fate if it comes to it, but she will be sent to a orphanage for older kids who are not special needs, and they may victimize her for being different.

This child is beautiful - look at that glowing smile. She radiates such confidence right now, lets see that it goes on. Lets find her a family to love her like she deserves to be. Please help to save Mara. You can donate to her adoption fund through the link below.

You may have to scroll down a bit but more information can be found about Mara at
Aperts Syndrome Adoption

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